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Eclipse review

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Anyone who says it's not good is rubbish.
It's a thousand much better than New Moon!! I can't decide Twilight and Eclipse, which one is better!XD(Yes, New Moon is the worst, don't punch me please.)

I'm going to do this in point/list form, I know no one wants to read a big paragragh.

+ OMG there's so many, I don't know which I should start first. Um, BELLA SWAN. Kristen looks so much better this time! The make-up and the acting. You can't deny that Kristen acts better than she was in NM.(Remember the 'NO NO NO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE' and the break-up scene with Edward?) I don't know if it's because she has more scenes with Rob, but I love Kristen so much in Eclipse.
+ Nearly every EB scenes are great seriously. Love every meadow scenes♥ And the proposal! Edward's lines are great, really really great.
+ Oh, the last meadow scene. I like the way they talked about telling Charlie, so mischievious and happy. Exactly the way I pictured it.
+ Visiting Renee. I was touched by their conversation, especially Renee brought out the gift, then Bella hugged Renee, saying 'I miss you'. Both of them acted excellant, like they're really mother and daughter saying good bye, really love each other so much.
+ So daddy's turn. Oh Charlie, who doesn't love him? The film just couldn't be without him. I like the scene he talked about Riley with Bella in the kitchen, another touching scene. And the virgin talk!LOL Very very awesome scene! Exactly the way Charlie and Bella talked about thatLOL 'Dad, I'm virgin!'LOLOLOLOL
+ OMGOMG The actions, the fightings! Who isn't excited about that seriously? I just love it! Fast and powerful! Very convincing! Though I don't understand why Emmett could be thrown away by Victoria since Emmett should be way stronger than her.
+ The music! MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN IN NEW MOON. They match with the scenes so well!(But my favourite is still Twilight:P)
+ Practice of fighting newborns. Jasper, you're so adorable! The way Jackson acts, it's exactly how Jasper should be, a bit smug, proud of himself finally could offer some help, not being the 'weak' one. Although the hair is better than in NM, it's still isn't enough, get your Twilight hair back please!
+ Riley. They chose him well. I didn't expect that he has so many scenes frankly. But yeah, he acts really well, that's how Riley should be.
+ Bella went to Emily's house. The wolfpack chanting 'I WISH BELLA COULD CALL', 'WHY DIDN'T BELLA CALL', 'MAYBE I SHOULD CALL BELLA'!LOL Whooo, they're so cute!
+ Jane. Oh Jane why are you so lovely? Love the way she says, 'Either we let them, or we end them.' and 'Decisions, decisions, decisions.' Awesome!

@ The leg-hitch scene. Yes yes yes, I know, this should go to positive side right? No, I'm not sure. I mean, yes it's hot, so hot, and I love it. But don't you think the shooting is a bit rush? Like I can't see it clear, like one second Edward's hand on Bella's leg, next second the mouth, then next second camera moves down then up. You know what I mean? I was a bit dizzy watching it. But considering that the film is supposed to be children-friendly, I understand that.
@ Leah's gotten attacked then Jacob helped her. That scene was... ok. I mean, it's not how I pictured it. You know, the feeling's just not right, I don't know how to say. And I'd rather Bella faint or cry than just scream, that's how Bella should be.
@ Broken crystal pieces of vampires. I don't know what I expected for this honestly. It's kind of odd to see the broken pieces are like crystal/diamond(?). I mean, vampire are not made of crystal/diamond, though they're hard and shine like that. But I guess it's ok, again, not only adults are watching it, so I guess it's better not to show lots of blood spreading out.
@ Bree. I like the actress being Bree. But not the acting please. The way she acted that she's thirsty? Not convincing. Like overdoing it.
@ The wig of Kristen. It's pretty obvious when she goes to the practice, and it looks ugly. But in other time, it's fine.
@ Jacob wore shirt in the bonfire scene. He's not supposed to be wearing shirts. And the other wolfs too. And do you see how thick the shirt is? But yeah, in reality, they don't run an 108 degree, and I know it must be so cool at night despite the fire, so I'm fine with this.
@ Where's the Riley-being-attacked scene showed in trailers? It disappears!My mistake, I watched the film again, and apparently I missed it at the beginning the first time I saw it.

- TUMMIES! I mean, look at the wolf pack, besides Jacob/Taylor has decent muscles(I'm definitely not referring to the six pack, I don't care about that) to show off, the others really need to go do some more excercise. I'm not saying everyone need to have six pack, but at least get rid of that stupid tummy, you make yourselves look fat. I know you're not the main focus of the film, but at least do your part well ok?
- The punch. It's ok, but what's not ok is that Bella isn't really mad at Jacob afterwards.
- Remember there's a moment that the camera shot from above Bella, showing Bella walked out from her house to the car? That shot was awful. I don't know why they shot it that way, it's meaningless!
- LEAH. You know what was my first thought when I saw her? 'SHE LOOKS LIKE A MAID, HOUSE MAID'LOL Really, my cousin thinks that way too.
- SETH. Seth is supposed to be a cute boy! But what? He looks kinda mature, just not cute please.
- NEW Victoria.(I didn't even pay attention to the actress' nameLOL) To be honest, I was surprised to the soft face she showed Riley, that was quite ok, but kind of unreal, like a bit overdoing it. But when it comes to the fierce face, Rachelle beats you new Victoria! ABSOLUTELY!
- I hate that they didn't put the lines that Jacob says when Bella visits him after he hurts. Those 'I'm gonna be your friend; Edward's like drug to you; the clouds I can fight, but the eclipse I can't fight.' So what? They want to put more kissing scenes of J/B in Breaking Dawn? Oh come on, Jacob should have given up and behave well.
- Bella asked Jacob to kiss her. But it's kinda confusing, like if I didn't read the book, I don't know why Bella asked Jacob to kiss her, she just asked out of nowhere.

So overall, a lot more actions, a lot more cullens' appearances, a lot more close fast shots and a lot more tummiesLOL I guess I missed something, but yeah, my memory is bad. I probably need to see it again to remin myself.

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